Effective communication with the attendees of your events.

Build relations and attendees' positive experiences with the use of e-mail and SMS campaign. Make use of the information collected during the events to improve communication efficiency and for the purpose of marketing actions.

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Skuteczna komunikacja z uczestnikami Twoich wydarzeń - eventpack


Efficient e-mail and SMS communication

Stay in touch with the participants before, during and after the event. Develop positive experiences and keep relations with the community.

Skuteczna komunikacja e-mail i SMS - eventpack

Feel free to keep constant touch with your community by either sending weekly newsletter or the guide for an attendee of upcoming event. Sit comfortably and plan how to use the e-mail and text messages in your actions.


Adjust communication to any attendee

Make use of automation rules and marketing automation tool to improve the communication of event community.

Dopasuj komunikację do każdego uczestnika - eventpack

Have you sent the evaluation questionnaire after the event, but some of the attendees still haven't filled it out after 2 days? Remind them about it via text message! Set the autoresponder for new newsletter subscribers. You'll do all of it using just one tool.


Create the evaluation questionnaire after the event.

Listen and take actions - gather valuable hints from the attendees and enhance the quality of your events thanks to meaningful remarks.

Stwórz ankietę ewaluacyjną po wydarzeniu - eventpack

Create nice-looking questionnaires which can be filled out on every device. Take advantage of our templates and adjust them to your needs. Customize the surveys and adjust the content to the attendees. Analyze the results and improve your actions.

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Event management doesn't have to be difficult - you just need to find a proper toolbox intended to help you. In Eventpack we believe that everyone can create unforgettable events - our goal is to make it easier.

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