Simple and capable attendee registration for your event

Design the registration form adequate for your needs. Collect information about the event attendees. Run a free registration or start selling tickets on our platform or your own website.

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Łatwa i sprawna rejestracja uczestników na Twoje wydarzenie - eventpack


Register the participants of your event and sell the tickets

Decide by yourself about the registration process of your event - use Eventpack or add a widget to your website.

Rejestruj uczestników i sprzedawaj bilety - eventpack

Start selling your event tickets in a few minutes. Determine the kind, type and amount of available places. Run a free registration or set the prices for each category. Add and configure a widget on your website.


Collect information about your event attendees

Determine which information about the participants of your events are useful for you and gather it with the use of registration form.

Zbieraj dane o swoich uczestnikach - eventpack

Design the registration form from scratch or take advatage of our predefined suggestions. Collect exactly the data you require for your operations. The opportunities are unlimited!


Attendance registration during the event.

Forget about queues and paper attendance lists. In Eventpack the check-in is available from any type of device.

Rejestracja obecności w trakcie wydarzenia - eventpack

Check out an easy-to-use interface accessible through dedicated URL address with password protection. Find the attendee, confirm presence and.. it's done! You don't need any additional skills.

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Event management doesn't have to be difficult - you just need to find a proper toolbox intended to help you. In Eventpack we believe that everyone can create unforgettable events - our goal is to make it easier.

Mateusz Muryjas CEO&Founder · eventpack