Attractive and functional website of your event

The event website is your showcase. Make sure it looks attractive and fulfills its functions regardless of the type of device. With our software you will be able to create it easily and quickly and what's more - it doesn't require technical skills!

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Ładna i funkcjonalna strona www Twojego wydarzenia - eventpack


Choose from the predefined templates

To facilitate the creation of your event website, our database offers you lots of predefined templates.

Wybieraj z gotowych szablonów - eventpack

Conference? Training? Open lecture? No problem! We provide you a series of measures - you choose the template that best fits your event.


Website working properly on every device

The attendees of your event are always going to find crucial information, regardless of the type of device they're using.

Funkcjonalna strona na każdym urządzeniu - eventpack

No more problems connected with the registration process or quick access to agenda with your smartphone. The templates available at Eventpack are fully responsive - that's why you can be sure that your website is always going to fulfill its function.


Easy-to-use content editor

You don't need any technical skills to create a website. Just a few clicks and it's done!

Łatwy w obsłudze edytor treści - eventpack

Designing your event website has never been so easy! We hand an easy-to-use management panel over to you. It allows you to fill out the content and adjust the template to your needs.

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Event management doesn't have to be difficult - you just need to find a proper toolbox intended to help you. In Eventpack we believe that everyone can create unforgettable events - our goal is to make it easier.

Mateusz Muryjas CEO&Founder · eventpack