Event management has never been so simple.

Keep the most important information connected with your event in one place. Monitor the website traffic, analyze the efficiency of marketing actions, control the number of registered participants and get along with your community.

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Zarządzanie wydarzeniem jeszcze nigdy nie było tak proste - eventpack


Analytics is within reach

Data analysis of your event attendees has never been this easy. You'll easily find all crucial information in a one place.

Analityka na wyciągnięcie ręki - eventpack

Numbers don't lie! Gather intelligence about the attendees from different sources and use it to draw conslusions. Get along with your community, its behaviour and preferences. Make use of collected data to enhance the efficiency of marketing actions and improve communication.


Numbers that matter

Identify the indicators responsible for the success of your event. Monitor them systematically and undertake actions.

Liczby, które mają znaczenie - eventpack

Take advantage of our experiences or create your own metrics. Eventpack analytics module allows you to analyze conversion rate, efficiency of event's promotion channels or the extent the survey was filled in once the event is finished.


Get to know your attendees better

Create a complete profile of events' participants. Connect historical data from organized events with information gathered from social media.

Poznaj lepiej swoich uczestników - eventpack

Dedicated CRM module allows you to get along with the attendees of organized events. Forget about paper attendance lists and spreadsheets. Adjust your events and business operations to the community that you know well.

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Event management doesn't have to be difficult - you just need to find a proper toolbox intended to help you. In Eventpack we believe that everyone can create unforgettable events - our goal is to make it easier.

Mateusz Muryjas CEO&Founder · eventpack